A Brew Sampler for
The Opal Waystone Classic
Featuring lists with four or more Factions from some of Eternal's most well-known deckbuilders
Warming up for the Opal Waystone Classic, an Eternal Community Legue Showcase Series event to be held April 7, 2019 with a $300+ prize pool co-sponsered by Shiftstoned and Eternal Warcry Graphic

March 22, 2019 - The upcoming Opal Waystone Classic will feature a unique deck-building challenge for competitors: registered decks must include eight or more cards from at least four different Factions.

Defiance introduced a number of new multi-faction tools to Eternal Card Game. Three Faction decks have since become the norm for both Ranked mode and most tournament settings. At the same time — while a few innovators have begun to make forays — lists with our or more Factions have remained relatively unexplored territory.

To help provide inspiration to players leading up the event, we are featuring here a representative sample of 4+ faction lists from some of Eternal’s most well-known deck builders. Additional lists will be featured in the weeks to come, so if you have a brew to share please get in touch.

4f Control by Batteriez

“I’ve always enjoyed pushing the limitations on Power bases and the decks they can support and I feel this deck does just that. It may seem absurd to play a deck that requires a total of eleven Influence to operate at full effectiveness late game, but this deck is highly capable of reaching that threshold. ”- Batteriez

40 Merchant Nictotraxian by nothership

“I thought this deck was going to be a meme when I built it, but [then] I went 11-7 at around 500 in Masters. Savior of the Meek gives you a decent chance against Aggro. The general gameplan is to shuffle Nictotraxian and your other Fate cards in and out of the market with Merchants to get a lot of Fate triggers.”
- nothership

5F Galaxy Brain by ThePlaytupusKing

“Inspired by The Herald Engine [by Aegis]. This deck is an absolute blast to play. If you already have the cards necessary then you should absolutely try it out.”
- ThePlaytupusKing

Ambitious Heart by y0ttabyte

“I reached masters with this deck in Chapter 26 and took it to the Burning Hope ECQ. Basically I wanted to grab FJS and crowbar [Heart of the Vault] the most busted Time unit into it. Sword of Unity out of the market was ideally the trump card to break open the FJS mirror which was a common occurrence.” - y0ttabyte

ContrabanDwagon by LocoPojo

“Not the most competitive deck, but a delight if you like a dose of randemonium in your lists.” - LocoPojo

Display of Power by Grimfan

Display of Power is a five faction deck that tries to take advantage of every Display, utilizing at least two of each of their modes in the deck. It can be a powerful control deck when the factions line up well.” - Grimfan

Winchest Alessi by Aetherllama

“Ever wonder what would happen if you could play FJS with Alessi? No? Me neither. But that's okay because when encouraged to play 4F, the rules change. Although an exceptionally greedy list, we get the best of both worlds between Alessi and FJS and create a monstrosity of powerful cards. Consistency may be a problem, but I can't see any decks out-valuing FJS Alessi making it a strong choice for this event.”- NotoriousGHP

P R E - D E F I A N C E:

4F Mask by IlyaK

“I assembled [this deck] not to see if it'd be good, but because I could. I just wanted some way to ramp to Aid of the Hooru. And at the time (Set 3), Mask of Torment was the only way to do that. It may still be the best way to do that, in all actuality.” - IlyaK

Stranger Danger v4 by ManuS

“A powerful linear aggro deck relying on its tribal synergies to overpower its opponents. I dont think I would change anything [after Set 4] - the deck is pretty linear and didn't get anything [new].” - ManuS


Whether this is your first competition or you are a seasoned pro, please get in touch with any questions about the event. Follow Shiftstoned on Twitter for additional details to follow in the weeks to come.