The Opal Waystone Classic You are invited to an upcoming Eternal Card Game community event featuring a $300+ prize pool
co-sponsored by Shiftstoned and Eternal Warcry

[UPDATED May 3, 2019] - May is shaping up to be a busy month for competitive Eternal, with this weekend's Dark Frontier EQC and the mid-month Master's Challenges. As players are busy preparing for the first ever official Eternal World Championship, event organizers are holding off on re-scheduling the Opal Waystone event until some time in June or July most likely.

WHEN: Sunday April 7th, 2019 at 12PM EDT (registration before 11:30AM EDT is encouraged)

WHERE: Kaelari's

WATCH: Streamed live on twitch, with casters Grimfan, BassoonBuffoon and MantidMan

[UPDATED] April 6, 2019 - Shiftstoned and Eternal Warcry have teamed up with the Eternal Community League and Kaelari's to bring you the Opal Waystone Classic. Players will compete for a growing $350+ prize pool in this community showcase event featuring a unique format. Registration is free and open to everyone.

A deck-building challenge Four or more factions
The Opal Waystone gets its Power from many different colors. In order to qualify for participation, registered decks must contain a minimum of eight cards in at least four factions (Fire Time Time Primal Shadow).

Multi-faction cards count toward the minimum requirements for each of their colors, but cards in the Market do not. The deck-building requirements will be automatically verified as part of the registration process.

For inspiration, we have profiled four and five faction lists from some of Eternal's best deckbuilders in the Opal Waystone Brew Sampler.

Treasure trove Cash prizes and more
In addition to the cash prizes and league points described below, our top three finishers will take home an original limited-edition custom wall tapestry (3' x 2') to hang in their favorite gaming spot. Big thanks to Inked Gaming for the additional prize support.

1st  P L A C E: $150
PLUS: invite to ECL Season 2 Invitational*, 25 ECL points, custom wall tapestry

2nd  P L A C E: $100
PLUS: 20 ECL points, custom wall tapestry

3rd and 4th P L A C E: $50**
PLUS: 15 ECL points, custom wall tapestry

5th - 8th P L A C E:
10 ECL points

*As with the regularly scheduled Eternal Community League events, all competitors will earn 1 ECL point per Swiss win and 1 point for playing at least two rounds.

** Please note that 4th place prizes have been increased to match 3rd place. Any additional contributions from the event's Matcherino page will be added to the prize pool and distributed proportioanlly.


Live on twitch featuring Grimfan, BassoonBuffoon and TheMantidMan An all-star team of casting talent
Tune in to all the action on game day at The Great Parliament's twitch channel. Play-by-play will be handled by a dynamic duo featuring: Grimfan (Eternal's favorite ferret-based streamer and displayer of five-faction Power) along with BassoonBuffoon (Scout's dad and co-host of From the Void podcast). Between matches community ambassador, beacon of positivity and co-host of Unexpected Results TheMantidMan will be treating listeners to his insightful analysis.

Whether this is your first competition or you are a seasoned pro, please get in touch with any questions about the event. Follow Shiftstoned on Twitter for additional updates. And learn more about the inspiration for this event in our original announcement.