Share the Power

Shareable links and full market support added to the fan-built Eternal Power Calculator

- Eternal brewers can now share or store Power base visualizations generated by the fan-built Eternal Power Calculator at Shiftstoned by creating a unique link for their decklist. You can use this feature to facilitate collaborative deckbuilding, or maintain a personal archive of different builds and works in progress.

Share button

The link icon EPC link-icon next to the EXPORT button will copy a unique URL to your clipboard. Paste it into your browser or text editor to view or store the deck, or share it with friends and teammates.

Check out these examples featuring some recent tournament-winning builds:

Let me take you to value town - Piloted by MustacheMagic

Beef Truck - Piloted by NJSheed

im gone tack you gone die - Piloted by SooNo

[Envoys] Exline's Deck - Piloted by Exline

Dark Alessi - Piloted by Aetherllama

Another West-Wind Herald deck - Piloted by Almost

[Reunion] crankypanda's Deck - Piloted by crankypanda

Market Forces

In addition, the calculator now features full support for modifying your Markets on the fly. You can add or remove cards in the Market and dynamically view changes to both the Influence Chart and Power Odds Table.

Market section

Any edits you make will automatically be included when you choose to share or export the decklist. (Note that Power sources in your Market intentionally do not count towards your overall Power and Influence totals).

We welcome any feedback on these new features, along with any suggestions for future features or updates.

As Eternal Card Game enters a new era of full release, more fan-built features and enhancements for Shiftstoned are in the planning stages.

If you are interested in helping out with testing, content or development please get in touch here or on discord: PapaCapricorn#2915

Huge thanks to the talents of Apostatic and Alex Middeleer. Without their tremendous efforts, it would not have been possible to bring these new features to life.