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Share the Power: updates to the Eternal Power Calculator  November 14, 2018 - As Eternal enters full release, brewers can now share or store Power base visualizations generated by the fan-built Eternal Power Calculator at Shiftstoned by creating a unique link for their decklist. Full support for modifying Markets on the fly has also been added
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Don't make the same mistake
as LightsOutAce!
October 9, 2018 - Even your favorite streamers sometimes forget when it is tournament time. Hey, we're all human. So subscribe to the Eternal Community Calendar and never miss a registration deadline again.
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Streams Come True:
featuring Grimfan
September 29, 2018 - Just hours before the first-ever community qualifying event for the Eternal World Championship 2019, Grimfan tweeted out to his followers: “I've decided I'd like to stream more than I want to win.” In the end he did both, taking first place with ET Combrei Aggro and doing it all on camera.
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Trail Stories: PapaCapricorn  September 6, 2018 - Shiftstoned's PapaCapricorn toasts marshmallows with MantidMan as part of TeamRankstar's Trail Stories series. They cover community, story-telling and the origins of the Eternal Power Calculator.
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The Seekers I - Valley of Kings: featuring BruisedByGod, SecondBlue and SooNo  August 26, 2018 - Team Seek Power Gaming is poised to capture several top spots in both the Eternal Tournament Series and the Eternal Community League. In this first part of a series, we talk to SPG members SooNo, BruisedByGod and SecondBlue about what it means to be a team player in Eternal.
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Unusual Suspects:
featuring Kaelos
August 20, 2018 - Kaelos speaks with Shiftstoned about her unconventional approach to deck-building on the heels of a first-place finish in an ECL weekly event. Science, community and the healing power of games are just a few of the topics that emerge from our conversation about Power bases in Eternal.
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featuring camat0
August 10, 2018 - camat0 sits down with Shiftstoned to discuss the Power bases behind all four of his winning lists from the Eternal Community League's
inaugural Sunday Challenge event. We talk Power, Crests, fixing and
the merits of Privilege of Rank.
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Danger: High Voltage August 3, 2018 - Over half the cards in a recent tournament-winning Combrei deck piloted by Mouche are Power sources. With help from the the Eternal Power Calculator, let's attempt to answer the question: "When is too much Power just enough?"
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A Tale of Two Power Bases July 27, 2018 - Two distinct and innovative archetypes prevailed at recent Eternal competitive events. Tobboo's Rakano Valkyries showcases a new breed of Midrange Rakano, while Isochron's Adapted Green Feln presents a fresh take on J/PS Control. Let's take a look at their power bases using the Eternal Power Calculator...
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Portrait of the Eternal power base as first-place Saturday Challenge finisher July 16, 2018 - Nishava took first place at the inaugural Kaelari's Saturday Challenge event  with an aggressive Combrei list entitled Rakano's weapons are outmatched! Let's take a look at the Power base using the Eternal Power Calculator.
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