Pictures at an Exhibition

Hanging this year's Championship Power bases on the wall, and introducing the Eternal Power Calculator's new title feature

We take a look at Power base visualizations for all 16 decks from the Eternal Tournament Series 2018 World Championship

- Congratulations to all of the Eternal Card Game players who qualified for RNGEternal's Eternal Tournament Series 2018 World Championship—especially to Tobboo of the Eternal Titans for their first place finish, following a trail blazed by teammate camat0 who was last year's ETS World Champion.

To commemorate the conclusion of the 2018 ETS series, we have assembled here a gallery of Power base visualizations for each of the Championship decks, from Skycrag to Chalice.

As you browse the collection, check out the Eternal Power Calculator's newest feature: You can now name and title your deck when you create a unique link to share your list with the world. (Or keep it to yourself).

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May you find inspiration for your own brews while exploring the Power behind these top decks. And be sure to add a title when creating your next masterpiece.

ETS 2018 World Championship Finishers

1st place:

Rakano Ramp by Tobboo

Bulletshaper card

The inclusion of Granite Waystones ended up paying off for Tobboo, as 1/1 Grenadins played a significant role against Relic Weapon based strategies in the finals. Flame Blast (2FireFireFire) probability seems deceptively low after two draws, but realistically this spell will not be played until much later.

A total of 38 Justice sources ensures that Amili, Cloudmarshal (5JusticeJusticeJustice) will reliably fly on time. And of course several cards help to put the “Ramp” into Rakano, including: **Icaria, Valkyrie Captain (2JusticeJustice) **, Yushkov the Usurper (4FireFireFire) and Bulletshaper (2FireJustice).

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2nd place:

Worlds Deck FTJ Armory by Erik9099

Privilege of Rank card

Ten Crests allow Erik9099 to Scout frequently for the cards they need, grabbing Relic Weapons, ramping up to Icaria, the Liberator (8FireFireFireJusticeJusticeJustice) and (hopefully) bottoming the many Firebombs generated by one or more Cauldron Cookbooks (2FireFire).

Justice is quite strongly prioritized over the other two Factions, enabling Throne Warden (5JusticeJustice) and the deck's six sweepers, including a full set of Harsh Rule (5JusticeJustice). and a pair of End of the Story (6JusticeJustice).

Time is splashed for just two cards - Desert Marhsal (2TimeJustice) and Combrei Healer (3TimeJustice). Meanwhile Privilege of Rank (2Justice) is so valuable, it is included even in the absence of any discard effects.

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3rd place:

Cheesegrater 250 by Kangbreath

Crownwatch Tactic card

It never hurts to have a Crownwatch Tactic or two in hand, and Kangbreath can afford to include Transmute sources in a deck that tops out at five Power for Tavrod, Auric Broker (5JusticeJusticeShadowShadow).

Shadow is slightly prioritized, making it easier to play an early Devastating Setback (3ShadowShadow) and ensuring that Vara's Favor (2Shadow) will reliably find a Shadow Sigil to draw.

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Mystical Xenan by SecondBlue

Waystone Infuser card

The abilities of Worldbearer Behemoth (5TimeTimeTime) and Waystone Infuser (5TimeTime) help to ensure that Power keeps flowing through Mystic Ascendant (6Time), the potent 6-drop that gives this deck its name.

In a two-faction Time deck there is very little downside to including a full set of Amber Waystones, as SecondBlue does here. Shadow sources are given a slight preference, most likely to increase the chances of holding ShadowShadow after three draws for Ayan, the Abductor (3TimeShadowShadow).

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5th place:

8 Merchant Blitz by Almost

Diplomatic Seal card

Diplomatic Seals can make it easier to play early units with demanding Influence requirements, especially in a three-faction list such as this one that ideally ideally wants to hit JusticeJusticePrimalPrimalShadow by Turn 4.

Justice is prioritized as the only Faction that requires double Influence from more than one card. A single Crownwatch Standard creates the potential for an additional Combat Trick to fuel Almost's twelve-plus Units that have pump spell synergy.

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BBG SecondBlue's Combrei Mid by childroland

Lingering Influence card

When you count Power draw spells and Power granting Units, this deck includes more sources than any other in the event. Eight Justice Sigils are waiting to be pulled by Lingering Influence (1Justice) or the abilities of Icaria, Vaklyrie Captain (2JusticeJustice) and Telut, Queen's Hand (7TimeTime). Meanwhile, Marshal Ironthorn (5JusticeJustice) and Mystic Ascendant (6Time) allow childroland to get maximum value from all that Power being drawn.

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ET Manu's FJS Zuberi by Mouche

Crest of Chaos card

An FJS deck that omits Icaria, the Liberator (8FireFireFireJusticeJusticeJustice) can go a little lighter on the Justice sources. This list prioritizes Fire and Shadow instead for midrange threats such as Vicious Highwayman (4FireFireShadowShadow), Zuberi Outlands Warrior (4FireFire) and Vara Venegance-Seeker (4ShadowShadow). Still, there is enough Justice Influence for Mouche to reliably play Rizahn, Greatbow Master (6FireFireJusticeJustice) on curve.

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I Couldn't Make Unitless Work So I'm Playing As Many Units As Possible by TinMan

Trail Maker card

As the title implies, the strategy for this deck revolves around units. But that does not have to mean giving up on Power sources. A full play set of Initiate of the Sands (1Time) makes it easier to ramp up to Assembly Line (3FireFire), or reach the 8 Power necessary to gain maximum value from Xenan Obelisk (4Time).

Trail Maker (2Time) pulls triple duty as a Unit, a Power source and an Influence source. Meanwhile, a single Amber Acolyte does a convicing impersonation of Seek Power with a body. And Yushkov the Usurper (3FireFireFire) provides at least +1 Power for the turn after he comes down.

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Blue Merchant Skycrag by Paradox

Shugo_Standard card

A deck with twelve 1-drops demands undepleted Power and versatile Influence from the opening hand, so a full set of Diplomatic Seals is a natural choice. Shugo Standard provides extra utility for Paradox's aggressive strategy, and is a safe bet in a deck that tops out at 3 Power (Ultimates and Spellcraft abilities notwithstanding). Fire is favored over Primal, and is the only faction in this deck to require more than a single Influence - for Longbarrel (1FireFire), Shogun's Scepter (3FireFire) and of course Vadius, Clan Father (3FireFirePrimal).

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Chalice by camat0

Auralian Merchant card

Seek Power and Privilege of Rank help to increase camat0's chances of reaching the Influence required for Shelterwing Rider (4JusticeJusticePrimalPrimal) after four draws. While it would seem this list also wants TimeTime on Turn 4, the only cards that actually have that Influence cost are specific answers in the Market: Sword of Unity (4TimeTimeJusticeJustice) and Lumen Reclaimer (4TimeTime). Realistically these will be played much later in the game.

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ETS World Championship Rakano by ThePlatypusKing

Rakano Banner card

Justice gets priority over Fire for early Units such as Valkyrie Enforcer (2JusticeJustice) and Unseen Commando (3JusticeJustice). A single Cauldron Cookbook (2FireFire) provides another example of how Markets allow players to include cards which their Power base might not otherwise support - ThePlaytupusKing has control over when he draws the powerful double-Fire Relic. And of course there is enough Influence to reliably play the mighty Rakano Plate (5FireFireJusticeJustice) on time. A pair of Shugo Standards helps to punch through some additional Overwhelm damage.

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Feln Mid by TonyGeeeee

Vara's Favor card

In a deck that wants to play a fully enabled Champion of Cunning (5PrimalShadow) early and often, an even split between Primal and Shadow sources makes sense (including Vara's Favor for 2Shadow). Four Cobalt Waystones protect against hand disruption and other face-targeting effects. Wisdom of the Elders and/or Strategise provide a couple of addional draws before Turn 5, helping TonyGeeeee reach the Influence requirements he needs for Jotun Feast-Caller (5PrimalPrimalPrimal) and enabling even more additional draws.

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Get the Bridge by SooNo

Telut, Queen's Hand card

Twenty-six Power cards symmetrically divided between Time and Justice are bolstered by an additional 12 secondary sources in this high voltage Combrei deck. Awakened Student (2TimeJustice) derives extra value from Power cards played early in the game while Mystic Ascendant (6Time) does the same on later on. Worldbearer Behemoth (5TimeTimeTime) and Telut, Queen's Hand (7JusticeJustice) provide assistance with their Power drawing abilities.

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Maiden's Rest by BruisedByGod

Cabal Standard card

Shadow is highly prioritized over Fire in this Stonescar midrange list which aims to hit ShadowShadowShadow on Turn 5 for Shadowlands Tyrant. Fire cards with more than a single Fire are relegated to the market - where BruisedByGod can draw them once the required Influence has been met. A smattering of Standards create potential for surprising Overwhelm or Quickdraw attacks, pairing nicely with the deck's Deadly units.

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ManuS Ambitious Kerendon Midrange by lv13david

Seat of Chaos card

An identical list to the one brought by lv13david's teammate Mouche, with a slightly different title. Both versions break the Winchest (FJS) mold by skipping Icaria, the Liberator for a mid-range package of Units that almost looks more like Stonescar than Rakano.

view deck Tokens by Magikarp

Granite Waystone card

Time is slightly favored over Fire to prioritize early units such as Initiate of the Sands (1Time) and Teacher of Humility (2TimeTime). The potential for a 1-cost 5/5 Grenadin (with two activated Xenan Obelisks in play) mitigates any risk of a possibly depleted Seat of Impulse early on, so a full set of Granite Waystones are included.

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As of this writing, Eternal Card Games's newest expansion Defiance has only been out for a few days, but it already feels almost like an entirely different game. It will be interesting to take a look at next year's ETS winners and see how things compare with these portraits from the end of the Fall of Argenport meta.