featuring camat0

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- camat0 sits down with Shiftstoned to discuss the Power bases behind all four of his winning lists from the Eternal Community League's inaugural Sunday Challenge event. We talk Power, Crests, fixing and the merits of Privilege of Rank.

Danger: High Voltage

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- Over half the cards in a recent tournament-winning Combrei deck piloted by Mouche are Power sources. With help from the the Eternal Power Calculator, let's attempt to answer the question: "When is too much Power just enough?"

A Tale of Two Power Bases

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- Two distinct and innovative archetypes prevailed at recent Eternal competitive events. Tobboo's Rakano Valkyries showcases a new breed of Midrange Rakano, while Isochron's Adapted Green Feln presents a fresh take on J/PS Control. Let's take a look at their power bases using the Eternal Power Calculator