Announcing the Drafter

A new, fan-built drafting companion for Eternal Card Game featuring evaluations by Jedi_EJ and Eternal Journey

NOW LIVE at ShiftStoned

October 28, 2020 -

Huckleberries, brewers and cardsanguars:

November 3, 2020 UPDATE - The Drafter is now live for your picking pleasure here ! If you need help getting started, check out our handy user's guide. And please help us to improve the Drafter by providing your feedback.

We are pleased to announce a new tool joining the fan-built player resources at ShiftStoned at the end of this week’s celebration!

Featuring evaluations by Jedi_EJ & his Eternal Journey Podcast co-hosts Johnholio and darth_herman2, the Drafter will be your card selection companion when picking and brewing for Eternal Card Game draft runs. It is easily the next best thing to drafting directly with these talented players themselves!

Coding wizardry for the Drafter was generously contributed by mlntn of Team Misplay, with indispensable organizational support provided by freaky wiki champion PusillanimousGamer.

This is new territory for all of us, and bound to be a bit experimental. We are looking forward to the community’s response when the Drafter goes live at the end of the celebration and the regular Draft format returns.

<img src="/images/drafter/DrafterTeaser.JPG" style="width: 85%; margin: auto;">

Fringe Festival

We are thrilled to be making these updates during such an exciting time for Eternal Card Game. The Eternal Celebration is in full swing (...welcome new players!). The 2020 World Championship is just weeks away. And there are ever more new cards on the horizon to brew with.

ShiftStoned is celebrating with a re-designed layout and some significant back-end improvements that will make updating easier for us.

Watch this space for more details when the Drafter goes live in the coming days. Meanwhile, may you always find the Power and Influence you need, when you need it!